We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of Industrial and Decorative Paints.

The range of Industrial Paints Includes :

1.SUNGLOSS Synthetic Enamels for Exterior and Interior applications.

2.Primers like Red Oxide Metal Primer, Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer, Zinc Chromate Yellow Primer, Etch Primer etc.

3.Stoving Enamels & Primers.

4.Suncoat PD 1000 & Suncoat PD 1001 Dispersions & Coatings.

5.Chlorinated rubber base Paints and Primers.

6.N.C. Paints and Primers.

7.Single Pack and Two-Pack Epoxy & Polyurethane Paints, Primers & Lacquers, Chemical Resistant Epoxy Lining Compound, Water Proofing Epoxy Composition etc.

8.Polychromatic Paints etc.

9.Thinners like General Purpose / Stoving / Epoxy / P.U. etc.

10.Specially developed Epoxy lacquer for Aluminium collapsible tubes and cans.

We can make tailor made composition specially to suit requirements of the customer.

Our Products

Enamel Paint

Synthetic Enamel Paint

Red Oxide Primer

Zinc Chromate Primer

Glossy Primer

Universal Primer


General Purpose Thinners

Stoving Thinner

Epoxy Thinner

PU Thinner

Quick Drying Thinner

Water Based Paint

Water Based Primer

100% Acrylic Paint

Emulsion Paint

Semi Acrylic Paint

Plastic Paint